Object detection systems
Backup Assistance System

Active collision warning for manned forklift trucks

Your Benefits

  • Supports the driver when reversing while not distracting the driver when moving forward
  • Actively warns the driver with visual and audible warning signals
  • Detects stationary and moving objects – no additional costly equipment required
  • Compact standalone system for easy integration and mounting
  • Cost-efficient solution for retrofitting on a large fleet of vehicles regardless of its voltage
  • Low power consumption minimizes the drain on the vehicle battery


Active collision warning for manned forklift trucks

The Backup Assistance System (BAS) minimizes the risk of collisions for manned forklift trucks. It monitors areas of the vehicle which are obstructed from view of the driver. The BAS gives real-time feedback via visual and audible warnings when the forklift truck comes near a stationary or moving object. The compact system is based on a TiM3xx 2D LiDAR sensor that is engaged only when the forklift truck is in reverse, thereby eliminating false alarms when moving forward. The monitored area can be scaled up by adding an additional sensor.

At a glance
  • System is activated when reverse is engaged
  • Three-stage warning concept with tri-color visual and configurable audible levels up to 98 dB
  • Two customizable alert zones per sensor
  • Monitored areas scalable with a second TiM3xx LiDAR sensor
  • Control unit provides the necessary logic for the sensors and regulates its voltage supply


Need-based environment perception

The BAS driver assistance system is based on one or two TiM3xx 2D LiDAR sensors. Each of the sensors features a field of view of 270°. Due to flexible mounting options on the vehicle, your monitored area can be adapted and scaled according to the object detection requirements.

Compared to alternative solutions, the BAS detects both stationary and moving objects.

Detection of stationary and moving objects

Use of precise LiDAR technology

The 2D LiDAR based system actively detects obstacles in the path and clearly warns drivers and pedestrians. Unlike tag solutions, no additional sender and receiver cabling is required on the surrounding terrain. Compared to systems based on radar technology, the monitored area for collision warning can be defined more precisely with the BAS, which reduces false alarms.

Scalable monitored area

One sensor alone reliably detects objects behind the manned forklift truck.
A system variant with two sensors is well suited for targeted coverage of blind spots.
The use of two sensors is also recommended in environments with complex travel paths in order to provide optimal protection for lateral areas.

The scalable monitored area enables reliable object detection, thus preventing collisions. This contributes to smooth in-house storage, handling and transport processes in logistics

Three-stage warning concept

The BAS is equipped with a multi-level warning concept consisting of customizable warning fields and a signal light bar that warns the driver of potential collisions with visual and acoustic alarms. The integrated 2D LiDAR sensors only switches to active monitoring when the manned forklift truck is in reverse, preventing false alarms during forward travel.

Actively warns the driver with acoustic and visual warning signals

The monitored area is divided into monitoring fields – warning field 1 and warning field 2. The warning fields can be used to monitor various individually adjustable minimum distances to an object.

The signal light bar supports the driver with visual alarms. Green means clear travel path. If an object is detected in warning field 1, the color changes to yellow; if it enters warning field 2, it changes to red. Depending on the monitored area, the lamp emits additional acoustic warning signals via an integrated up to 98 dB buzzer.

Assistance for the driver with active alerts in real time without false alarms

Compact stand-alone system

All components of the Backup Assistance System are selected to keep integration time minimal so the vehicle is quickly ready for use again. Included with delivery: Sensors, signal light bars and mounting systems for all parts and connecting cables.

Cost-effective retrofitting

Compatible with different supply voltages, the system solution can be retrofitted to a wide range of vehicles, regardless of manufacturer or year of vehicle.

To make integration into the vehicle easy and installation as quick as possible, there is only one interface to the system – the control unit regulates the voltage supply and switching.

As a result of the low current consumption by the system, the power consumption from the vehicle battery is reduced. Saving charging time and therefore money.

Compact stand-alone system for easy integration and mounting for cost-effective retrofitting


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationInside and outside (8 m)
    Ambient temperature, operation–20 °C ... +50 °C
    VehiclesInternal combustion engine (IC) / electric forklifts
    Monitored areaVehicle rear end / vehicle rear end / blind spot or side cover
    Warning zones2
    FunctionsVisual and acoustic collision warning
    Scope of delivery2D LiDAR sensor TiM351 / Control module assembly with power and reverse cable, 3m / Signal light bar with tri-color visual and configurable audible alarm levels up to 98 dB / Mounting kit for sensor and light stack / Connection cables for sensor and light stack, 5m / 2D LiDAR sensor TiM351 (2 x) / Control module assembly with power and reverse cable, 3m / Signal light bar with tri-color visual and configurable audible alarm levels up to 98 dB (2 x) / Mounting kit for sensor and light stack (2 x) / Connection cables for sensor and light stack, 5m (2 x)
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product