Driver assistance systems

Your Benefits

  • Prevention of collisions and accidents, resulting in reduced repair costs and downtime
  • Efficient and seamless pushback, maintenance, and maneuver towing for excellent aircraft tractor availability
  • Support and relief of the driver for safely maneuvering the aircraft
  • Detection and tracking of moving and stationary obstacles without the need for RFID tags
  • Low false alarm rate thanks to a situationally adaptive warning strategy
  • Automated fault detection and targeted maintenance thanks to self-diagnosis
  • Integrated installation wizard simplifies installation and operation


The APS (Aircraft Protection System) driver assistance system is designed for cost-effective retrofitting on aircraft tractors. It provides a reliable warning that prevents collisions with other airport ground vehicles and the airport infrastructure to assist the driver with pushback, maintenance, and maneuver towing. The display shows all the obstacles that are in the vicinity of the aircraft. In the event that an obstacle is detected in close proximity to the aircraft, the driver receives an audible and visual warning. As a result the aircraft tractor can be stopped in a timely manner in order to avoid a collision.

At a glance
  • Visual and audible warning
  • Integrated detection of the aircraft type and realistic visualization
  • Application-specific warning strategy based on vehicle movement
  • Adjustable safety distances
  • Self-diagnostics function
  • Integrated installation wizard