Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS)

Reliable measurement of greenhouse gases for precise determination of emission taxes

Your Benefits

  • Proven greenhouse gas measurement with reliable ultrasonic flow rate and gas measuring technology
  • Precise measurement and reporting in line with legal requirements
  • Reduced tax charges, as exact costs are calculated with minimal measurement uncertainties
  • Low operation costs as the system is easy to operate and maintain
  • No unexpected costs due to extensive service package including support options provided by SICK LifeTime Services


Reliable measurement of greenhouse gases for precise determination of emission taxes

The MINESIC700 GHG continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) measures greenhouse gases in underground coal mines and calculates the resultant greenhouse gas emissions. It samples the gas and determines the concentration of the greenhouse gas components by means of NDIR spectroscopy. It also measures the gas flow rate using ultrasonic technology and determines the temperature, pressure, and moisture. In accordance with the applicable legislation, the results are then calculated and reported using a specially developed software package for recording and classifying data. By using the MINESIC700 GHG for monitoring purposes, the exact costs can be calculated, thus reducing tax contributions.

At a glance
  • Reliable measurement with low measurement uncertainty.
  • Automated switching between up to 5 sample points
  • Software package for calculating and recording the total greenhouse gas emission
  • Flow rate, pressure, and temperature measurement using IECEx Zone 1 devices
  • Available as a standalone cabinet or integrated into MINESIC700 TBS