Safety systems for outdoor automation
AGV Dynamic Weather Assist

Greater availability of AGVs due to weather-dependent speed monitoring

Your Benefits

  • Thanks to the dynamic and weather-dependent protective field switching of the outdoorScan3, you increase the availability of AGVs in outdoor areas
  • Even with heavy precipitation, your AGVs continue driving at reduced speed
  • Consistent and reliable material flow, even under harsh and changing weather conditions
  • Low-wear operation of your AGVs due to fewer unwanted emergency braking procedures


Greater availability of AGVs due to weather-dependent speed monitoring

The AGV Dynamic Weather Assist safety system increases the availability of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in rain and snow. It consists of the outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner, the Flexi Soft safety controller and a software function block. Using the function block, the safety laser scanner automatically switches its protective fields depending on the weather, thereby enabling continuous operation of the AGV, even in strong rain or snowfall. Instead of stopping, the AGVs only move slowly than when the sun is shining. The benefits: Unplanned vehicle stops are weather-dependent interruptions of the material flow are avoided, and AGV mechanics and braking systems are protected.

At a glance
  • Safety system for automatic, weather-dependent protective field switching of the outdoorScan3
  • EtherNet/IPTM-based communication between safety laser scanner and safety controller
  • Software function block can be integrated later into Flexi Soft and outdoorScan3, making it suitable for retrofitting


Technical overview

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