Extended monitoring of the hazardous area

safeRS/safeRS3 safety radar sensors

Prevents persons crawling beneath or reaching over a protective field area. The extension of the hazardous area monitoring to protect your workers is possible thanks to the three-dimensional protective field of the safeRS/safeRS3 safety radar sensors.

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Insensitive to external influences

Safety radar sensors offer a high machine and system productivity in demanding ambient conditions, whilst also providing long cleaning intervals. This makes safe and reliable hazardeous area monitoring available even when dust clouds, sparks, wood chippings or plastic particles are present.


Safe presence detection of humans

No movement remains undiscovered

Reduce downtimes and implement a safe restart of your machine. Safety radar sensors monitor hazardous areas gapless. They detect the smallest movement in your application without a need for adjustment of the configuration even for changing static objects.

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Extended monitoring of the hazardous area
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Safe presence detection of humans

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Safe radar systems for hazardous area protection in harsh environments
  • Evaluation unit and up to 6 sensors
  • Protective field: Scanning range up to 9 m, flexible adjustment of aperture angle
  • High resilience to dust clouds, wood chips, sparks and plastic particles
  • Protection class IP67; operation at –40 °C to +60 °C
  • High tolerance against contamination
  • Simple configuration via software


Safe radar technology – reliable and versatile

Safety radar sensors are also used in harsh environments – for applications up to PL d. With the help of these sensors, persons entering a hazardous area can be safely detected and dangerous movements stopped. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, safety radar sensors filter out sources of interference such as wood chips. The sensors are intended for use on machines and vehicles in indoor and outdoor areas.

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Safety radar sensors can be mounted quickly and are easy to configure using the supplied software. Thanks to the rugged housing and absence of moving parts, they ensure smooth production processes. The housing can also be cleaned quickly.

Product recommendation safeRS/safeRS3

Durable Safety radar sensors avoid unintended shutdowns – even in harsh environments. The housings with an IP67 enclosure rating are insensitive to dirt, dust, chips and even sparks.
Wide range of applications The safety radar technology offers two functions: access protection and restart interlock. The sensor safely monitors the hazardous area both horizontally and vertically and allows safe entry to the area for workers.