Higher performance for your AGC fleet

Mobile hazardous area protection like never before

Safety multibeam scanners operate cost-efficiently and safely up to performance level c. They enable you to increase the speed and payload weight of small line-guided vehicles.

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Experience intuitive commissioning

Quick configuration and diagnostics

The Safety Designer configuration software supports safety multibeam scanners in an intuitive way, from configuration to documentation. In addition, the SICK Safety Assistant app provides you with important diagnostic data from the sensor to help reduce downtime.


LiDAR reimagined

No moving parts

LiDAR safety multibeam scanners are based on safe solid-state technology. The sensor reliably detects different object sizes in the freely configurable protective field area. The sender and receiver units are compactly integrated into the device and free of moving parts, making them rugged and effective.

Higher performance for your AGC fleet
Experience intuitive commissioning
LiDAR reimagined

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Worldwide revolutionary safety solution for line-guided small vehicles
  • The world’s first LiDAR multibeam scanner with safe solid state technology
  • Perfectly designed for the requirements of line-guided AGCs: PL c, 1.1 m scanning range, 150° scanning angle
  • Compact – only 43 mm high
  • Diagnostic data and clone function for configuration via the Safety Assistant app and the Safety Designer software


Safe and cost-efficient

Increase the productivity of your systems in a particularly economical way: secure your mobile logistics and factory automation applications with safety multibeam scanners up to performance level c. Thanks to their compact design, the safety multibeam scanners even fit into small line-guided vehicles.

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Mobile in use Safety multibeam scanners are suitable for mobile hazardous area protection. They reliably detect objects in a freely configurable protective field area and also enable reliable leg detection.
Time at a glance A rugged design and a good cost-benefit ratio characterize safety multibeam scanners. They operate in line with the LiDAR principle and measure distances based on optical time-of-flight (TOF). The safe solid-state technology operates with semiconductor elements with proven functionality and without moving parts.

Intuitive in every detail

Safety multibeam scanners from SICK are easy to connect and, using the Safety Designer software, easy to configure and commission as well. In addition, you can retrieve status information of the sensors via software or directly on site. This significantly reduces troubleshooting work.
Intelligent and quick to arrive

Less machine downtime: get status information easily on site. The integrated NFC interface allows you to wirelessly read out device information or clone your configuration using the associated SICK Safety Assistant app.

SICK Safety Assistant app

Consistent with just one click

An all-round package for plant safety: the free Safety Designer configuration software not only supports the commissioning of safety multibeam scanners, but also device diagnostics and documentation.

Safety Designer configuration software

Simply addictive

Simple plug and play function: fixed with just two screws and connected via standardized plug connectors, safety multibeam scanners can be easily integrated into the machine. You can use brackets for easy alignment of the sensors as an option.

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Collision- and personal protection in mobile applications

Mobile platforms move automatically or autonomously between different work stations in logistics and production environments. In modern production facilities, humans and robots are brought into even closer proximity, and safety fences disappear. This means more flexibility and efficiency are the order of the day. Safety multibeam scanners enable you to achieve high productivity by avoiding collisions and reducing downtime.

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On track economically Safety multibeam scanners are used for cost-efficient transport automation in line-guided AGCs. They enable mobile hazardous area protection for a smooth material flow which is flexible, economical and future-proof.
Combined against collisions Combined with proven SICK safety laser scanners, safety multibeam scanners can score a lot of points. Safety laser scanners monitor the main direction of travel. Safety multibeam scanners take over secondary side guarding with an optimum cost-benefit ratio – clever, functional and economical.