Columns for safety light curtains
Mirror columns with protective field height mirror

Smart multi-sided protection of the area around hazardous points

Your Benefits

  • Multi-sided protection using deflector mirrors eliminates additional active devices, which reduces cabling effort and costs
  • Increased productivity due to unhindered access to the system while maintaining protection


Smart multi-sided protection of the area around hazardous points

Free choice of location ensures safety:

Mirror columns from SICK are used in areas in which multi-sided protection of hazardous points, such as machining centers, is required. The right solution is to combine multiple light beam safety devices or safety light curtains with mirror columns to deflect the light beam. Several sides of a machine can be protected with just one pair of sensors, which reduces wiring effort significantly. It is easy to adjust the deflector mirrors, which are mounted in stable columns. Unimpeded access for feeding operations and tool and program changes is another advantage compared to a mechanical fence and results in higher productivity.

At a glance
  • Free-standing mounting solution
  • Compact, rugged design and extremely high stability
  • Simple mounting and adjustment
  • Large reflector surface for efficient multi-sided protection via beam deflection and high availability
  • Mirror columns in various lengths
  • With a continuous mirror for safety light curtains and for multiple light beam safety devices with any number of beams


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ModelMirror columns with protective field height mirror
    Suitable for

    Safety light curtains

    Safety multibeam sensors

    Suitable for protective field height≤ 2,100 mm
    Suitable for number of beamsAny
    Suitable for beam separationAny
    Mirror length1,082 mm ... 2,132 mm
    Mirror width125 mm
    Column height1,281.5 mm ... 2,419 mm
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product