Columns for safety light curtains
Device columns with external grooves

Smart solutions for access and area protection

Your Benefits

  • Sturdy, torsion-free device protection prevents damage and reduces costs
  • Simple, convenient installation of additional accessories due to the external mounting grooves on the device column
  • Increased productivity due to unhindered access to the system while maintaining protection


Smart solutions for access and area protection

Free choice of location ensures safety:

Device columns from SICK are used wherever there are no mounting options for opto-electronic protective devices. The opto-electronic protective devices are mounted on free-standing device columns to provide protection at machining centers and material locks. For locks that convey material automatically, a muting system is frequently used for protection. The stable device columns with two grooves on the outside, working together with mounting arms, brackets and protective plates, ensure flexible and straightforward attachment of the muting sensors. Pre-mounted kits significantly reduce order volume and the time needed for on-site installation. Suitable accessories such as compensating plates and steel anchors simplify installation in the floor and alignment of the device columns.

At a glance
  • Free-standing mounting solution
  • Compact, rugged design and extremely high stability
  • Simple mounting and adjustment
  • Device protection against external influences
  • Universal application for:
  • Multiple light beam safety devices
  • Safety light curtains


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ModelDevice columns with two external mounting grooves
    Suitable for

    Safety light curtains

    Safety multibeam sensors

    Suitable for protective field height≤ 2,100 mm
    Suitable for number of beams





    Suitable for beam separation

    400 mm

    300 mm


    500 mm

    Column height985 mm ... 2,420 mm
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product