Safety laser scanners

The rugged safety laser scanner – extremely intelligent

Your Benefits

  • Very high machine availability and productivity thanks to the patented safeHDDM® scanning technology
  • Flexibility for safe automation processes due to simultaneous protective fields, contour detection fields and detailed data output
  • Safe integration into different control systems via I/O, EFI-pro, EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™ or PROFINET PROFIsafe, EtherCAT® FSoE, etc.
  • Saves time during commissioning and diagnostics thanks to the intuitive Safety Designer software, multi-color display and system plug


The rugged safety laser scanner – extremely intelligent

The microScan3 safety laser scanner stands for the protection of very different applications: from stationary to mobile, from simple to complex. The innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology makes the microScan3 extremely resistant, even to dust and ambient light, and delivers high-precision measurement data. It increases the productivity and availability of machines. The different variants of the microScan3 can be integrated simply and safely into countless networks. In addition, the safety laser scanner offers standardized connectivity for time-saving commissioning. The microScan3, the easy handling of its Safety Designer configuration software and its diagnostic options combine user-friendly operation, innovation and very high performance.

At a glance
  • Innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology
  • High-precision measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Protective field range: up to 9 m, scanning angle: 275°
  • Up to 128 freely configurable fields and up to 8 simultaneous protective fields
  • Standardized communication interfaces
  • System plug with configuration memory


High reliability thanks to innovative scan technology

The microScan3 opens up new fields of application and represents a new standard for safety laser scanners: Thanks to the innovative safeHDDM® technology, ambient light, dirt and dust are reliably filtered out. This keeps the productivity of your machine high.

safeHDDM® scan technology: enables the combination of compact design, large scanning range and high-precision measurement data

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High availability: resistant to dirt, dust, ambient light and other laser scanners

High availability of the safety laser scanner: How to avoid machine downtime

Intelligent functions for countless possibilities

Safety and productivity go hand-in-hand with the intelligent functions of the microScan3. You can tailor the microScan3 to the requirements of your machine environment, thereby ensuring that processes run smoothly.
High safety and efficient operation: thanks to 128 freely configurable fields, 8 simultaneous protective fields and contour detection fields for monitoring the machine environment
Cost-efficient solution: You only need one device to get accurate measurement data in order to safeguard the application and support the navigation of your mobile application

Individual configuration: Experience a high level of flexibility

Smart integration can be simple

The microScan3 is remarkably easy to integrate into your application: Quick to mount, easy to wire, and safe to integrate into industrial networks.
Simple machine integration and fast device change: thanks to a wide range of accessories, pluggable system connector as well as integrated configuration memory and standardized connection technology
High productivity: thanks to remote diagnostics and safe integration into your industrial network, for example via EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™, PROFINET PROFIsafe, EtherCAT® FSoE, I/O. Or use the intelligent SICK EFI-pro system

Simple mounting and commissioning: This is how you save time and money

Intuitive operation of intelligent sensor technology

The Safety Designer software makes it possible to configure the microScan3 quickly and easily and to retrieve detailed diagnostic information. Important diagnostic data is also available directly on the device display.
Prevent machine downtime: Measurement data can be stored and analyzed, helping you optimize processes and configurations
Simple configuration and diagnostics: with the convenient step-by-step configuration aid in the Safety Designer and quick error analysis, which you can also run with the EventCam, for example

Clever technology: Benefit from a high level of usability


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Protective field range4 m / 5.5 m / 9 m
    Warning field range40 m / 64 m
    Scanning angle275°
    Number of fields8 / 4 / 128
    Number of monitoring cases1 ... 128
    Response time≥ 70 ms
    OSSD pairs




    Integration in the control system

    Local inputs and outputs (I/O)

    CIP Safety™ over EtherNet/IP™



    EtherCAT® FSoE

    Safety levelType 3, PL d, SIL2
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product