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Safety Designer

Intuitive configuration software for safety products from SICK

Your Benefits

  • With just one tool, you can intuitively configure complete safety solutions, from simple to networked applications
  • Implement individual applications in compliance with standards
  • Take advantage of the reliable, detailed documentation
  • Reduce unplanned downtime thanks to sophisticated diagnostic functions
  • Comply with global safety standards by easily implementing safety functions


Intuitive configuration software for safety products from SICK

Intuitive project planning of SICK safety sensors and safety controllers is carried out using the free Safety Designer configuration software. With the software, you simply select hardware components and link logic functions. For you, this means quick configuration of safety controllers, safety switches and other safety components. The documentation function, the diagnostic concept and the networking dialog function of the software provide crucial support for cost-saving engineering. This enables you to quickly commission even complex mobile applications and networked systems with many individual components.

At a glance
  • Process-oriented, intuitive step-by-step configuration for many SICK safety products
  • Verification and reporting – for each device individually or for the entire project
  • Comprehensive diagnostics including data recorder
  • Compliance with established global safety standards


A software for safety applications

With the Safety Designer configuration software, you can link numerous safety products and configure them in compliance with standards. For instance, you can configure a single sensor and connect it to other sensors in your system. With the software, you can design a complete project consisting of safety controller and certified function blocks.
Extensive device catalog You will find almost all configurable safety products from SICK in the main window of the Safety Designer software. Simply drag these products into your project and configure the individual product in the uniform user interface of the device window.
Linking safety components made easy In the “Networking” dialog box, you connect safety components to each other. This allows you to configure extensive projects with certified function blocks in just one software.

Configure your safety solution with just one intuitive configuration software

Expertise taken one step further

Clear and simple: Safety Designer is a comprehensive configuration software for safety products from SICK with a clear user interface. The software is particularly impressive due to its simple user guidance. The software makes it easy to manage configuration parameters and sensor data.
Intuitive via drag and drop Using the Safety Designer software, you simply drag configurable safety products from SICK from the device catalog into the hardware configuration. The required function blocks and logic links can then be placed intuitively in the graphical logic editor.
Legal compliance verified After successful configuration, you can simulate your solution using Safety Designer. This means adjustments, for example in the logics, are easy. Verification of your safety functions is well-thought-out and standard-compliant.
Monitoring down to the last detail Safety Designer offers a complete report of your project with parts list and wiring diagram as well as a data recorder. This means you can monitor and record all the data from the safety products in your application in real time.

Experience fast configuration, standard-compliant verification and effective diagnostics

Configurations monitored at a glance

Are you looking for a simple solution to configure and combine safety functions on your machine? With the Safety Designer configuration software you can plan, configure and diagnose all types of safety applications. The logic editor provides you with advanced functionalities in the system configuration.
Reliably control applications

Safety controllers monitor the safety of your machine. In the Safety Designer software, you will find numerous safety sensors for the project planning of machine concepts, which later ensure reliable machine monitoring. With the help of the software, the sensors can be configured individually or together.

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Safe movements at a glance

Safety Designer solves even demanding applications easily. Thanks to predefined and preconfigured function blocks, even drive safety functions can be made a reality. Safety encoders can also be configured with Safety Designer.

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All data monitored

Safety Designer visualizes all data in the system. With just one tool, you can, for instance, check the complex system behavior of several safety laser scanners and the safety controller that are connected via Safe EFI-pro.

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Use the added value in the safety solution for higher productivity

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