Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE®

Compact size with a high resolution for the standard performance range

Your Benefits

  • The small dimension allows manufacturers of low-power and minimal-power motors to considerably reduce the size of their motors
  • The stand-alone version is ideally suited as a master and path encoders
  • The SKS/SKM36 motor feedback systems have strongly penetrated the drive technology market
  • The consistent mechanical components in SEK/SEL37 allow for a high degree of flexibility with various encoder systems


Compact size with a high resolution for the standard performance range

The SKS36/SKM36 Encoder is the first of a new generation of optical motor feedback systems. With 128 sine/cosine signals per revolution, this family represents the standard solution among the MFB systems with HIPERFACE® interface. Special feature of this generation: A very small code disk of only 2 mm code track radius allows for holistic scanning. In this, the unavoidable eccentricity errors of the code disk, ball bearing and shaft that occur with conventional systems are compensated for by the system. High angular speeds are no longer limited by the code disk due to the arrangement of the code disk in the middle of the rotary axle. Absolute position indication with an increment number of 4,096 increments per revolution and a maximum of 4,096 revolutions. Storage of motor-specific data in the electronic type label and the programming are important features of this product family. The motor feedback systems certified to SIL2/PL d meet current requirements with regard to safety technology and make the certification process easier.

At a glance
  • Motor feedback systems for the standard performance range
  • 128 sine/cosine periods per revolution
  • Absolute position with a resolution of 4,096 increments per revolution and 4,096 revolutions with the multiturn system
  • Programming of the position value and electronic type label
  • HIPERFACE® interface
  • Integrated version and stand-alone design
  • Certified according to SIL2/PL d (only valid for SKS36S/SKM36S-H...)
  • Conforms to RoHs


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    TypeFor integration / Stand-alone
    ModelAbsolute Singleturn / Absolute Multiturn
    Communication interfaceHIPERFACE®
    Sine/cosine periods per revolution128
    Safety system– / ✔
    Mechanical interface

    Tapered shaft, Spring mounting plate, 5 mm

    Solid shaft, Servo-/face mount flange, 9.5 mm

    Connection type

    Male connector, 8-pin, radial

    Male connector, M12, 8-pin, radial

    Cable, 8-wire, 1.5 m

    Available memory area1,792 Byte E2PROM 2048
    Measurement principleOptical
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