Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE®

Upgrade motor feedback systems into the digital world

Your Benefits

  • Simple upgrade of the motor to a digital interface without adjusting the motor design
  • Retrofit solutions in the field are possible if the surroundings of the drive change (new servo drive only with digital protocols)
  • The compact design enables simple integration into the motor assembly area.
  • Thanks to the external temperature input, additional temperature values can be transmitted via the HIPERFACE-DSL® protocol – additional cabling is not required


Upgrade motor feedback systems into the digital world

Digital interfaces are currently a huge trend. SICK, one of the pioneers in this market, is providing an opportunity for transforming existing motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® into the digital world with the sCon® interface converter. The sCon® converts HIPERFACE® signals into HIPERFACE-DSL® signals and can be combined with SES/SEM70, SES/SEM90 and STS motor feedback systems from SICK. The interface converter scores points with its compact design, which facilitates integration into the motor assembly area. It also has an external temperature input for measuring the winding temperature.

At a glance
  • Interface at output: HIPERFACE DSL®
  • Voltage supply: 7 VDC ... 12 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: −30 °C ... +115 °C
  • Enclosure rating: IP00
  • Input connector: Male connector, 8-pin
  • Output connector: Male connector, 4-pin
  • Additional input for external temperature connector


Upgrade to a smart motor sensor with sCon®

The compact sCon® interface converter converts analog HIPERFACE® signals into HIPERFACE DSL® signals without loss. One advantage of this converter is that it requires only one cable. This reduces errors during cabling as well as space requirements. With HIPERFACE DSL®, many process parameters can be transmitted for real-time diagnostics. An external temperature sensor can also be connected for Condition Monitoring. Monitoring temperature, speed, supply voltage and RPM provides the data basis for predictive machine maintenance and optimizes the plant availability. The sCon® interface converter can be used in combination with the SES/SEM70 and SES/SEM90 motor feedback systems.

Retrofit in no time at all: It is possible to upgrade the SES/SEM product family to HIPERFACE DSL® at a later time without major adjustments to the motor.

Simple integration: With its space-saving design, the sCon® interface converter can be installed very well into the available motor assembly space – this makes it possible to integrate the sCon® into motors at a later time.

Simple cabling: By using existing male connectors and cables, the sCon® interface converter can be quickly and easily connected to existing HIPERFACE® devices.

Intelligent communication thanks to HIPERFACE DSL®

Data is transmitted into the drive system by the sCon® interface converter using the purely digital HIPERFACE DSL® motor feedback protocol. Only one cable is needed for the entire regulator communication. This reduces connection costs and energy consumption as well as the amount of cables needed on site, and also creates a better overview with lower space requirements.

The HIPERFACE DSL® one cable technology saves costs, does not need much space, and is easy to implement while also offering very high investment security and machine safety.

More safety thanks to the HIPERFACE DSL®: Operational safety and investment security, fault-free system operation, quick and error-free work.

Makes real-time diagnostics possible: Thanks to the digital interface, large amounts of data can be permanently analyzed via Condition Monitoring.

Retrofit solution for existing applications with HIPERFACE® interface

Thanks to the sCon® interface converter, the existing applications with HIPERFACE® interface can be quickly and easily upgraded to HIPERFACE DSL®. The interface converter can currently be used in combination with the SES/SEM70 and SES/SEM90 motor feedback systems. In the future, the converter will also be used in hollow shaft motors together with the STS motor feedback system from SICK.
The space-saving design of the STS motor feedback system and the sCon® interface converter enables compact motor design without loss of precision.
Mechanical multiturn and HIPERFACE DSL® – the compact solution for rugged direct drives in factory automation.

If you have products with HIPERFACE® interface that you would like to use together with the sCon® interface converter, please contact us.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Communication interfaceHIPERFACE DSL®
    Safety system
    Connection type

    Male connector, 4-pin, output

    Male connector, 8-pin, Input

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