2D LiDAR sensors

Easy for anticollision

Your Benefits

  • Simple mounting due to lightweight design
  • No wiring between sender and receiver
  • Rapid diagnostics due to a 7-segment display, reducing downtime
  • Connectivity in both back and bottom of device provide improved installation flexibility
  • 270° scanning angle makes it ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications


Easy for anticollision

Damaged goods and defective machines or plant can inhibit or stop processes, thus leading to expensive downtimes. An efficient and cost-effective remedy is now available: the new S100 2D LiDAR sensor, which has been developed specifically for fields of application in which personal protective equipment is not required. The S100 detects faults, monitors distances, and prevents possible collisions.

At a glance
  • Small, lightweight and economical measurement sensor
  • Field evaluation using intelligent algorithms
  • Parameter setting interface is accessible from the front while the device is mounted