Inclination sensors

Your Benefits

  • Inclination measurement in two axes without mutual interference
  • Single-axis inclination measurement over 360° with configurable zero point
  • Flexible adaptation to the application via the CANopen interface or PGT-12-Pro handheld programming tool
  • Reliable output signal thanks to configurable digital filters
  • Suitable for precise leveling tasks thanks to high accuracy over the entire measuring range and exceptional temperature stability
  • Can also be used in the harshest ambient conditions thanks to fully encapsulated electronics


The TMS88 one-dimensional inclination sensor and the TMM88 two-dimensional inclination sensor take measurements with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.02°. The inclination value is provided either via a current or voltage interface with a linearized output signal or via a standardized CANopen interface. The PGT-12-Pro handheld programming tool allows the inclination sensors to be configured with ease, tailoring them perfectly to the application.

The sensors are available in UV-resistant plastic housings and in rugged aluminum housings.

At a glance
  • Inclination sensor with measuring range of 360° (single-axis) or ±90° (dual-axis)
  • Compensated cross sensitivity and configurable vibration suppression
  • Freely configurable current or voltage interface or convenient CANopen interface
  • Accuracy up to ±0.02°
  • Plastic or aluminum housing
  • Programmable with the PGT-12-Pro


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Number of axis2 / 1
    Communication interface

    Analog, 4...20 mA

    Analog, 0...10 V


    Measurement range
    2-dimensional± 90°
    Housing materialPlastic (PBT) / Aluminum
    Connection type

    Male connector, M12, 5-pin

    Male connector, 1x, M12, 5-pin

    Female connector, 1x, M12, 5-pin

    Male connector, M12, 5-pin 1)

    Programmable/configurableOver PGT-12-Pro
    ± 90°, 2-dimensional, ≤ ± 60°Typ. ± 0.1°, max. ± 0.2°
    ≤ ± 80°Typ. ± 0.2°, max. ± 0.4°
    Typ. ± 0.2°, max. ± 0.3°
    360°, 1-dimensionalTyp. ± 0.15°, max. ± 0.25°
    ≤ ± 80°Typ. ± 0.2°, max. ± 0.4°
    360°, 1-dimensionalTyp. ± 0.15°, max. ± 0.25°
    • 1) Max. length of connection cable: 3 meter.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product