Wrong way detection

Driving in the wrong direction at a mine site can have serious consequences. The ability to detect a vehicle moving in the incorrect direction is therefore highly advantageous. An object detection system enables early detection of dangerous situations with a high potential for collision. The data recorded by the radar sensor is then evaluated multiple times to rule out incorrect detection and to unambiguously identify objects. This ensures a high detection reliability even in difficult weather conditions. The system solution thus helps increase safety and prevent accidents. The unit responsible for evaluation and alarming is the integrated TDC-E200 gateway system, which has a wireless communications interface in addition to industrial interfaces. When combined with an optional solar extension, a completely autonomous operation of the AOS radar is possible.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Non-contact measurement process with radar technology
    • Can be expanded to max. two radar sensors
    • Evaluation and alarming using the TDC-E200 (Telematic Data Collector)
    • Application-specific parameterization
    • Wireless communications interface and optional solar kit
    • Web-based user interface