Measurement of the load volume on dump trucks

Dump trucks are used in surface mining for transporting larges volumes of overburden, coal or ore. The volume on the load bed needs to be maximized without overloading the vehicle. The load bed is also monitored to ensure it has been fully emptied before the truck is reloaded. Using LiDAR technology, the in-situ volume of the load is measured directly. The load volume measurement system mounted above the vehicle scans the loaded bed and determines the volume based on the time-of-flight principle without requiring the dump truck to come to a stop. The time difference between the emission and receipt of a signal by the LiDAR sensor provides the necessary information for the volume measurement. The LiDAR sensors from SICK are rugged, reliable and accurate and therefore ideally suited for the harsh conditions in mining.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Automated and non-contact load volume and remaining volume measurement
    • 3D visualization including calculation of the vehicle dimensions
    • Customer-specific integration of HD cameras, ANPR, WIM, RFID possible
    • Web-based user interface for convenient remote access