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Achieving more with intelligent sensors

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Logistics gets smart

Greater efficiency in the entire supply chain

Companies are faced by a great challenge: acting as efficiently as possible. Material flows and intralogistics processes must be optimally coordinated with each other at all times. If there is a problem at one point, this impacts the entire value chain – and thus also competitiveness. Intelligent sensors and networked systems ensure efficient logistics processes as part of Industry 4.0.


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Complete sensor solutions for AGC systems in CEP distribution centers



Transparency beyond boundaries

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Courier, express, parcel, and postal
Logistics gets smart
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From individual sensors to dimensioning, weighing, scanning systems

Parcel distributors, postal corporations and freight forwarders are fostering automation in their sorting and distribution centers in order to cope with the significantly increased numbers of shipments. SICK offers reliable, best-in-class sensor solutions for volume measurement, barcode identification and many other CEP applications. Increase the throughput of your sorting centers with identification systems that deliver outstanding read rates even at highest conveyor speeds. Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning Systems recover revenue and help to optimize asset utilization. A wide range of photoelectric proximity sensors, encoders, RFID read/write devices and other sensors have proven their usefulness for leading edge detection, gapping, sorter control and other crucial CEP processes. You can rely on a worldwide team of experienced SICK technicians and an extensive portfolio of services. A one-stop-shop for your efficient logistics operations.

Trends & news

Indoor and outdoor localization: Full transparency in the material flow

Logistics processes are becoming more complex every day. Transparency is therefore increasingly becoming a decisive requirement for raising the efficiency and productivity of logistical processes. Against the backdrop of transport processes in internal production, mounting and distribution logistics which are becoming steadily more flexible, modular and self-organizing, promptly answering the question of exactly where industrial trucks, transport aids and goods will be located at what time is essential. One option which has already been proven in practice: The localization and analysis technologies from SICK.

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The best methods for using vision sensors for palletizing

The optimization of palletizing and depalletizing processes requires careful planning and maybe even a certain talent for Tetris. In doing so, boxes of different shapes and sizes are piled on top of one another, which makes creating a suitable layout a challenge.

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Monitoring and evaluating data to make the right decisions

In high-volume distribution centers, sensors record and communicate large quantities of logistics data every day. The real challenge, however, lies in compiling and interpreting that data. SICK’s Package Analytics software aggregates this data to help you visualize all SICK sensor data so you can make timely and informed decisions for your logistics operations.

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Deep learning is the future for increased efficiency

Machines are learning to think. Deep learning is a machine learning technique – and the most significant future technology in artificial intelligence. SICK transfers this key technology to its sensors, offering customers added value for greater productivity and flexibility.

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Fast and reliable identification of 1D bar codes and 2D matrix codes on letters, parcels, flats, bags and other objects with comprehensive automated identification technology with laser, camera, RFID and hybrid systems. A high read rate increases the throughput of sorting facilities. SICK systems offer the highest level of performance for all automated identification technologies.


Static and dynamic dimensioning/weighing for cuboid and irregular shapes: SICK has a comprehensive portfolio of dimensioning solutions. The systems feature exceptional volume measurement rates and a high level of accuracy, no matter what type of sorter system is used. Customers have the option of integrating certified systems (e.g., OIML, MID, NTEP, or NAWI-certified) for revenue recovery.


Reliable detection solutions for leading edge, profile, gapping, single item verification and fill grade monitoring, ensure efficient sorting and high cell utilization. Throughput depends on optimal fine-tuning of all sensor tasks within the entire process.


SICK sensors support the precise positioning and alignment of objects on incoming conveyor belts and in sorter systems. The correct positioning and alignment and the optimal distance between the objects on the sorter systems are key factors when it comes to achieving maximum reading rates.


Safety solutions ensure a safe working environment and prevent worker injuries and material damage. Safety sensors from SICK enforce the implementation of safety-standard-compliant infrastructures. Surveillance solutions for buildings and company premises offer protection against theft and manipulation of goods.


SICK sensor technology guarantees the highest quality standards and minimal downtime. The comprehensive expertise of our sensor experts and the global presence of SICK ensure that you will receive quick and capable assistance. Smart Services from SICK also record, evaluate and visualize data from Smart Sensors, machines and plants. This makes it possible to precisely calculate the failure probability and the resulting maintenance intervals in advance.