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Today’s production and logistics environments are characterized by mobile platforms, which means more flexibility and efficiency are required. If you want to make your processes fit for the future, then you are definitely on the safe side with us. With our modular, scalable safety solutions we ensure smooth processes – both for indoor and outdoor applications.   

Mobile platforms are only profitable if they are actually mobile. The simple solution is: high productivity by avoiding collisions and downtimes. We support you with rugged sensors and intelligent software to ensure your automated guided vehicles and carts are operating safely, autonomously, and cost-efficiently. An important component of this is the situation-specific adjustment of the driving speed so that your mobile platforms remain in motion.  

The data provided by the sensor can also be used for localization and furthermore, for navigation purposes by our customers: an additional use that makes the deployment of mobile platforms even more efficient. From intelligent sensors for collision avoidance right through to complete safety solutions with integrated localization – we are your partner!


Discover examples for our solutions regarding mobile platforms

Certified safety system for safe maneuvering

The KIRA B 50 is one of the first fully autonomous scrubber dryer robots certified for safe use in public areas. Developed together with Kärcher, it features a complete safety system that allows for safe maneuvering through narrow aisles.

Safety concept for pole position: The KIRA B 50 cleaning robot complies with all new standards

Safe navigation for mobile robots thanks to safety laser scanner

You think a robot that can move in all types of environments while working safely and protecting employees doesn’t exist? HIKROBOT and SICK make this possible.

Safety laser scanners make it possible for mobile robots to navigate safely in work environments

Cost-effective protection of AGVs with increased vehicle performance

Together with SICK, @carrybots has developed a safety concept for its HERBIE automated guided vehicle system that not only improves vehicle performance, but is also true to the core idea of cost-efficient automation with increased productivity.

Cost-efficient plug and play transport automation for small and medium-sized enterprises

Safety solutions for AGVs from SICK: Reliable, efficient, modularly extensible

Production and intralogistics complement each other perfectly and are merging together. What were once two completely separate areas are now undergoing mutual growth due to advances in automation and digitalization. Mobile platforms, AGVs, and mobile robots are playing an important role in this. Our longstanding partner, the technology expert Asseco CEIT, is relying on the sensor solutions from SICK. CEIT is again placing its trust in the safety expertise from SICK for its new AGVs.

Autonomous vehicles from Asseco CEIT - fully equipped with intelligent sensors

No slowing down even in tight curves

More efficiency in the warehouse through automation: This is one of the requirements of customers on Jungheinrich. Using safety components from SICK, the intralogistics specialist Jungheinrich is transforming more and more of its vehicles into automated guided vehicle (AGVs). Working in collaboration, they developed an especially maneuverable electric high lift truck – true to the motto: moving more together.

Jungheinrich automates lift trucks making them agile through corners and safe for higher throughputs 

Automated workflows for safe entry into Industry 4.0

“Compared to a conveyor system, the costs are significantly reduced and flexibility in production is significantly increased. As staff can be taken off activities which do not add value, and because heavier loads can be hauled by individual automated guided vehicles, return on investment is expected to be rapid.

Dan Evans, Research Manager, MasterMover Ltd, Great Britain 

Safe EFI-pro system for automation of load transports at MasterMover

Innovative intralogistics: AutoBox with navigation and safety sensors from SICK in pilot test at BMW

The “AutoBox” pilot project is part of a complete series of autonomous transport systems that are currently in use across various BMW Group facilities. Find out how SICK is supporting them in making their complex, intralogistic material flow more efficient.

Protection of an autonomous transport platform at BMW


The robot butler that moves around by itself

The MiR100 mobile transport robot optimizes work processes and frees up staff resources, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs.
"SICK is a very important partner for us with regard to safety requirements."

Niels Jul Jacobsen, CTO, Mobile Industrial Robots, Denmark

Efficient transport and logistics solutions by Mobile Industrial Robots


Intelligent sensors control autonomous parking robot

The parking robot Ray is saving a whole lot of time at Düsseldorf airport in Germany. SICK’s sensor solutions enable the autonomous parking robot to operate safely and flexibly at the same time.

The future of parking with serva transport systems


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