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A wealth of opportunities for committed students.

Gather valuable experience and extend your knowledge with us here at SICK. You will have the opportunity to learn hands-on, work directly with a team and make contacts within the company that will be of use to you long into the future. You will benefit in many ways – including excellent training and experience that you can bring with you into future opportunities. Because we are convinced that your commitment deserves fair, all-round support right from the very beginning, we ensure that students are given a great experience with us here at SICK.

Intern Testimonials

  • David- Customer Care Intern

    My summer internship with SICK has been a character-building and intellectually challenging experience for many reasons. As an intern, I was given meaningful projects that will have an impact on SICK in the future. The culture at SICK is a positive one where I feel included and comfortable. Throughout the summer the other interns and I were able to form friendships and connections by going to happy hours, street festivals, hiking at the Minnehaha Falls, and just hanging out together. Over the summer I faced challenges and learning curves that had to be overcome by immersing myself in the tools that I was given. At the end of my summer, I will take with me the technical and professional skills I've developed over the past three months and many positive memories with my managers, coworkers, and friends.


    Eli- Customer Care Intern

    In 2018 SICK management allocated $150K to the Customer Care division for a 2019 capital expense to make improvements to the department. I did not assist with this effort, I led this effort. I was tasked with investigating how to best spend these funds and summarize my findings in a recommendation report. Upon completion of my analysis, my supervisors forwarded my recommendations to the SICK executive management team. SICK management accepted those recommendations and approved the expenses outlined in my reports. My internship had real project management experience with real capital. I had the ability and freedom to reach outside of my department to get things done with no restrictions. I was always treated with respect which is to say, treated as a SICK team member.

    Sagar- Customer Care Intern

    As my first internship in the United States, I learned a lot and enhanced my knowledge using different tools. I think SICK is the best place to do an internship at, as you gain a lot of knowledge and it sets up a platform for you to show your skills and enhance them. I learned a lot from other interns as we had intern collaboration every week which helped with different projects and implementations that are going on in the industry.

  • Gabby- Marketing Research Intern
    Throughout my internship at SICK, I was given multiple opportunities to further develop my critical thinking and technical skills while working on projects that were challenging and relevant to my desired career. Most importantly, at SICK I was provided with a positive learning environment where everyone I interacted with genuinely wanted to help me grow as a young professional. I had a wonderful experience working alongside my mentor/manager and highly recommend interning with SICK.
    Jake- Marketing Communications Intern
    My time as an intern with SICK this summer has been unforgettable. With the help and guidance from a network of professionals, I was able to learn and grow each day. Whether it was completing day-to-day tasks or spearheading long-term projects, I always felt challenged. I am fortunate to have gained such great experience, skills, and friendships while working at SICK.
    Lily- Marketing Communications Intern
    SICK has allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge that I learned in college with meaningful and exciting work. Paired with amazing people, the network and experience I've gained at SICK this summer has been invaluable.
    Mai- HR Intern
    I've been with SICK as a Human Resource Intern for the past two summers. It has been a phenomenal experience. I've gained new knowledge, skills, and so many opportunities to make an impact for SICK. If you want a great internship and a challenge, I would highly recommend you to intern at SICK.
  • Alex- MPM Intern
    SICK provided me with a wonderful insight into the inner workings of a successful business and allowed me to further my knowledge in my career field.
    Cameron- Supply Chain Intern
    SICK not only provided me with valuable industry experience but allowed me to contribute and grow along the way. It let me apply what I've learned in class to an industry setting. I would not hesitate to work here again as the last thirteen weeks have gone by fast. I know I will miss coming to work for SICK when I go back to school this year.
    Joe- Manufacturing Intern
    My experience with SICK this summer has been awesome. I was able to see a big picture of what projects you might work on as well as day to day tasks. It was very rewarding to be a part of an important project and see my input valued. I was able to gain knowledge and skills that will help me in the future and I am thankful for that.
  • Chris- PLM Services Intern
    This internship has been a great experience. Everyone is nice, welcoming, and collaborative which makes interning at SICK an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.
    Juliana- Systems Application Engineer Intern
    I had an amazing experience at SICK. What stood out for me, is how SICK cared about my interests. My supervisors always made sure I was doing what I liked. During my first week at the company, they asked me several questions to get to know what I was interested in and my professional career goals.
    Riley- SPM Intern
    Working as an intern at SICK has provided me with valuable experiences within an automation focused tech company. The various projects that I worked on were not only fun and interesting but also gave me a strong understanding of what it means to work as a product manager. My mentor and manager helped me focus on what I want in a career, and I am extremely fortunate to have worked with such a great team here at SICK.
  • Eli- PDE Controls Intern
    Working at SICK has introduced me to the great variability present in the sensor industry. While here, I designed control systems to assist varying industry leaders in their strides towards industry 4.0. This ever-changing workplace was one of the many reasons that my SICK experience was so impactful. Every day at SICK became a chance to push automation in a whole new direction.
    Joe- PDE Intern
    SICK has been an outstanding opportunity for me to learn about the industry from mentors and coworkers who are not only invested in helping me apply my education but also care about fostering my professional development and providing hands-on experience that can only be found in the workplace.
    Newman- Software Engineer Intern
    My internship at SICK was incredibly insightful for what I want in my career. I experimented with the tools and technologies of my interest and incorporated them with SICK's technical expertise. My innovation project, which focused on integrating augmented reality with SICK's factory automation service, remained fresh and engaging throughout my internship. Overall, the best lesson I have learned is to take advantage of my resources and deliberately try out new technology.
    Pranwab- PDE Software Intern
    At SICK, I got hands-on experience working with my mentor, manager and fellow interns to gain knowledge about software engineering and product development all while being in a professional environment. Everyone here had a positive mentality and embraced the SICK way every day. I am honored to have gained some valuable knowledge and have networked with highly qualified professionals while working on a project that I enjoyed a lot. I am glad that I shared my summer with SICK.
    Simon- PDE Mechanical Intern
    Here at SICK, I worked in the Research and Development department. I learned how the products are developed and helped to create some new 3D printed parts. It was a great experience being able to turn thoughts and ideas into real-life applications.
    Walaa- Data Analytics Intern
    I learned more than I ever expected. As my internship draws to a close and I reflect on all I have learned, I realize what an excellent experience this has been especially if the topic is Industry 4.0. Having a hands-on approach while finding a real solution for common problems has been invaluable because the best way to learn is by doing. This experience has only gotten me more excited to continue in this field for my career and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. It's amazing to find yourself in a place where there are no limits for achieving more.