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The Hermes Standard, listed under IPC-HERMES-9852, is a modern machine-to-machine communication protocol customized for PCB assembly lines. On the way towards factories according Industry 4.0 standards, the Hermes protocol is an elementary component which the previous SMEMA standard interface was not able to implement. Continuous use of The Hermes Standard enables higher automation of the line control as well as consistent traceability.

When acquiring completely new SMT lines, the consistent application of The Hermes Standard is easy to implement. It gets more complex when existing machines with SMEMA interfaces and new machines with Hermes interfaces are supposed to operate together in an SMT line.

With its extensive track and trace portfolio, SICK has taken on this challenge and is proud to offer scalable solutions for the retrofitting of machines as a member of The Hermes Standard Initiative.



A SICK gateway enables quick and easy integration of any SMEMA machine into a Hermes line.

Consistent traceability

Integration of identification devices into the Hermes network using the SICK gateway for consistent traceability.

Smart investment

The integration of existing SMEMA machines into a Hermes line reduces the investment costs for a line.

unloader board-id

unloader board-id

The basic function: SMEMA-Hermes gateway

A SICK gateway can easily integrate a machine with a SMEMA interface into a SMT line with The Hermes Standard. System operators can either do the integration themselves after a short training or have it done by SICK. 

track and trace

track and trace

Flexible extension with track and trace

The SICK gateway can be extended with 1D and 2D code readers and RFID read/write devices. The data collected by these devices are made available in the Hermes network as board and magazine IDs.

Examples of application

Transport units – implementing continuous Hermes Standard

Process machines are usually connected by transport units. When investing in new process machines, existing transport units are often supposed to be reused. A SICK gateway closes the gap in Hermes communication between the process machines and translates the Hermes information for the transport units into SMEMA communication so that it can be reused without changes. A cost- and resource-effective alternative for continuous Hermes communication in existing SMT lines.

Loading unit – Board and magazine ID in focus

The SICK gateway makes it possible to integrate a loading unit with SMEMA interface into the Hermes network. If you extend the gateway with a code reading device, the board ID can be read and passed on through the Hermes interface. It is also possible to record the magazine ID and make it available via The Hermes Standard by integrating another code reading device - a modular and extendable solution for individual requirements.

Unloading unit – magazine ID enables WIP tracking

The SICK gateway can be configured for use on the unloading unit at the end of an SMT line. A SMEMA-compatible unloading unit is therefore integrated into the Hermes network. Assignment of the board ID to the magazine ID is possible by extending the gateway with code reading devices. An important cornerstone for paperless work-in-process tracking.



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