Safety controllers
Flexi Soft Designer

Comprehensive configuration software for the safety controller from SICK

Your Benefits

  • Experience intuitive user guidance during hardware configuration and in the logic editor
  • Simple engineering thanks to a wide range of functions in the logic editor
  • Various verification options, such as simulation, enable you to perform certification quickly
  • Save money when putting your system into operation thanks to documentation and wiring diagrams
  • Activate licensed functions as required


Comprehensive configuration software for the safety controller from SICK

The free Flexi Soft Designer configuration software allows for clear and simple configuration for the Flexi Soft safety controller. This is done in just three steps: Hardware configuration, logic creation and transfer of the configuration to Flexi Soft as well as verification. The software provides you with module and element information as well as a graphical wiring diagram for quick commissioning and complete documentation of your machine. In addition, you can configure individual Flexi Link stations as well as an entire Flexi Link system in a single file and verify parts of the project. Advanced licensed features, such as automated download, are available as an option.

At a glance
  • Simple drag-and-drop logic links
  • Up to 255 certified function blocks for each Flexi Soft station
  • Offline project simulation
  • Project part verification
  • Full project report in just one single file
  • Comprehensive wiring assistance
  • Licensing for automated download or for safety systems optional


With fewer steps for quick commissioning

You can implement required safety functions on machines with the Flexi Soft safety controller and the Flexi Soft Designer configuration software. You will be impressed by the software with its sophisticated user guidance and detailed information: Link your devices and functions easily in the hardware configuration and logic editor. Flexi Soft Designer offers you quick and legally compliant commissioning of your machine.
Simple and intuitive user guidance You can easily place and move devices, function blocks and logic links using drag-and-drop. This is how you can create the logic for one or more Flexi Soft stations in no time at all.
From configuration to verification in a flash The software contains 255 TÜV-certified function blocks that you can use to quickly configure the safety controller. The planned safety functions can then be displayed in a simulation. Verify individual project parts and accelerate the final concept creation for your machine.
Detailed report for documentation Flexi Soft Designer provides a detailed report of all project details with parts list and wiring diagram. This allows you to quickly install the Flexi Soft station in the control cabinet. Use the report for your machine documentation.

Intuitive, legally compliant and fast: The configuration of safety functions

A machine in use for a long time

With the Flexi Soft Designer configuration software, you can check your machine projects in detail. Save, compare and simulate safety functions before integrating them into your machine. The software is used throughout the entire machine life cycle, from configuration, automatic download and commissioning to diagnostics and maintenance.
All-round view of machine safety Configure and simulate your safety application easily on your computer without hardware. You can use Flexi Soft Designer to check the logic links and validate the safety functions in the process.
Efficient thanks to real-time data The “Data recorder” function of the Flexi Soft Designer software records data from your application continuously, reliably and in real time. The data can be saved and used for quick error analysis and troubleshooting.
Direct comparison in the project The “Project comparison” function compares the configuration of the Flexi Soft safety controller with the configuration in the software. Differences and changes are visualized quickly.

Clear and efficient: Simple from configuration to multiplication of a project

Can be extended with numerous software licenses

The Flexi Soft Designer configuration software is compatible with the Flexi Soft safety controller. Numerous SICK safety sensors are also available in the software device catalog. The free configuration software can be extended with many software licenses, meaning it can be adapted very well to your application with the aim of increasing its productivity.
Quick commissioning of Flexi Soft

In combination with Flexi Soft, Flexi Soft Designer not only enables quick commissioning of your machine. The software also supports service and machine maintenance thanks to detailed information, simulation options and simple device replacement.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft

Multiply configurations quickly The FSD Automated Download software license enables automated download of verified configurations to the safety controller. This saves time and costs in series production of products as well as in the commissioning and maintenance of machines.
Achieve your goals quicker with safety systems from SICK

SICK offers safety systems with licensed safety functions for the Flexi Soft safety controller. First choose between different preconfigured applications. You can then conveniently perform licensing for the system in the Flexi Soft Designer software.

Product recommendation

Fast and automated: Easy commissioning with licensed safety functions

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