Safety controllers
Flexi Compact

Safety under control – compact, easy and efficient

Your Benefits

  • Usability optimized: time-saving planning of the safety application and easy commissioning
  • Efficiency increased: higher productivity thanks to fast production startup, short response times, and comprehensive diagnostic options for efficient machine and system operation
  • Guaranteed future-proof: flexible solutions with modular hardware, forward-looking technologies, and end-to-end data availability


Safety under control – compact, easy and efficient

The Flexi Compact safety controller is based on a future-proof technology platform and can be programmed via software. Thanks to its modularity, it can be optimally configured for a wide range of application requirements and its compact construction means it can be installed in tight spaces. Flexi Compact is characterized by its high usability: planning and commissioning is fast and easy using the intuitive Safety Designer configuration software and a user-friendly housing. Diagnostics data is available for common fieldbus systems. Faster production startup, increased machine availability, and extended functions such as safe series connection with Flexi Loop increase productivity and efficiency throughout the machine life cycle.

At a glance
  • Software-programmable safety controller with modular hardware platform
  • High performance Safety over EtherCAT® backplane bus
  • User-friendly housing in a slim design
  • Intuitive Safety Designer configuration software
  • Data communication in common fieldbus systems
  • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop


See the improved user-friendliness for yourself

Using the intuitive Safety Designer configuration software, you can plan the entire safety application in just a few minutes. Furthermore, the user-friendly housing with intelligent functions makes operating the device significantly easier.
Because project planning work is costly – the intuitive Safety Designer software for fast configuration
Because easy installation saves time – intelligent housing functions for maximum user-friendliness
Because production cannot wait – smart gateways for fast device setup

Time-saving project planning and simple commissioning for cost-effective engineering

Increase your productivity

With Flexi Compact, you will benefit from easy configuration and commissioning, efficient machine operation, right through to fast maintenance and diagnostics throughout the entire machine life cycle.
Because productivity is paramount – fast response times for short cycle times
Because fast troubleshooting reduces downtimes – easy HMI integration for direct on-site analysis
Because data provides insights - continuous data availability for optimized processes

Fast production start and efficient machine and system operation

Rely on a safe future

With Flexi Compact, you will stay on the safe side even in the future thanks to forward-looking technologies, a modular platform for highly flexible solutions, and gateways for seamless data availability in your application.
Because every application is different – modularity for high flexibility and adaptability
Because the requirements are increasing – Safety-over-EtherCAT® backplane bus for efficient data exchange
Because digitalization offers new opportunities – gateways for direct network integration

The Flexi Compact is your companion on the path to the industry of tomorrow


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety levelPL e, SIL3
    Configuration methodVia software (Safety Designer)
    System construction


    1 main module

    0 ... 12 expansion modules (excluding maximum 1 gateway)

    Fieldbus, industrial networkModbus, CANopen, EtherCAT®, PROFINET
    Safe series connection with Flexi LoopFlexi Loop
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product