Intelligent RFID communication

Your Benefits

  • Reliable identification guarantees maximum throughput
  • Adapts to changing needs, providing long-term investment security
  • Simple integration saves installation time
  • The defined reading field ensures targeted identification of the desired object
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact RFID read/write device with integrated antennae and several host interfaces do not require additional connectivity
  • The same connectivity and user interface as the bar code scanners and image-based code readers from SICK - compatible thanks to the uniform 4Dpro


Intelligent RFID communication

The RFH6xx is an ISO/IEC 15693-compatible RFID read/write device for read ranges of up to 240 mm. Thanks to its compact design and integrated antenna, the RFH6xx can be used to flexibly and inexpensively expand existing systems. Support for standard fieldbus systems via a universal connector facilitates integration into practically any application. Integrated signal and data processing allow the identification process to run at extremely high speeds. The direct use of trigger signals and situational control of output mean it can be used as an independent remote unit. The configurable data output formats enable integration into existing IT infrastructures. The RFH6xx complies with the CE and FCC requirements for wireless equipment and can therefore be used worldwide. The intuitive SOPAS user interface makes it easier to access other functions (cloning, diagnostics, heartbeat, script language, time-controlled data output ...).

At a glance
  • 13.56 MHz RFID read/write device for read ranges up to 240 mm
  • Transponder communication according to ISO/IEC 15693 standard
  • Compact, industrial design with integrated antenna
  • Embedded protocols allow interfacing with standard industrial fieldbus technologies
  • Powerful micro-processor executes internally configurable logic
  • Flexible trigger control
  • Supports parameter cloning via microSD memory card
  • Built-in diagnostics


4Dpro - The flexibility you need 

  • Standardized connectivity
  • Common user interface
  • Common set of accessories
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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Product categoryRFID read/write device with integrated antenna
    Frequency bandHF (13.56 MHz)
    VersionShort Range / Mid Range
    Read range≤ 150 mm / ≤ 240 mm
    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP
    PROFINET✔ / ✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    EtherCAT®✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    Serial✔ , RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
    PROFIBUS DP✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    Weight450 g ... 760 g
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