Radar sensors

Radar sensors reliably detect any object within their range, no matter how harsh the environment and are able to analyse or give out the speed of the object. They are used to prevent collisions and measure distances in large and mobile systems such as gantry cranes and ship-to-shore cranes in ports and booms of open pit excavators and dump trucks in the mining industry.

Radar sensors

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Reliable object detection under the toughest weather conditions
  • Radar technology for highest outdoor capability
  • Rugged aluminum housing without moving parts
  • Adjustable horizontal aperture angle
  • Large working range for diverse applications
  • Parameterization via web browser
  • High-pressure cleaning possible
  • State-of-the-art FMCW radar technology
  • Digital I/Os and additional data interfaces


What is radar?

RADAR stands for Radio Detecting And Ranging, similar to LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). Whatever the weather, day or night, radar sensors reliably detect stationary and moving objects within their detection range. Thanks to their high sensing range, large detection area, speed detection and powerful algorithms, radar sensors effectively detect potential collisions of e.g. moible machines and output appropriate signals, especially in broad, spacious environments. This makes them ideal for collision avoidance and driver assistance in outdoor or extremely harsh environments. Unaffected by fog, rain, snow, dust and extreme temperatures, SICK’s rugged radar technology is suitable for a wide range of applications from operating forklifts and cranes to heavy-duty industrial applications such as agriculture, forestry and mining machinery.

Radar sensors are used to optimize collision awareness and for driver assistance in cranes, trucks, mobile machines or forklift trucks. They automate door opening, assist trucks docking at loading and unloading stations and prevent damage to aircraft, even in the most adverse ambient conditions.

A technology that has stood for effective detection for many years, radar is used for a wide range of applications in industrial environments.