Sensor Visualization

Smart visualization of operational statuses with IO-Link

Your Benefits

  • Highly flexible visualization thanks to 20 individually programmable LED segments
  • A lamp for all applications, as different operational statuses can be displayed with 21 different colors
  • Intuitive parameterization thanks to graphical user interface in SOPAS ET
  • Solve applications without PLC, together with SIG200 IO-Link master
  • Open up new applications using IO-Link technology, e.g. visualization of fill levels or cycle times
  • Can be retrofitted at any time with the Smart Light Buzzer SLB acoustic buzzer module


Smart visualization of operational statuses with IO-Link

In automated production, signal lamps are used in a wide variety of applications: At individual machines, conveyor belts and workstations, or even in entire systems. Signal lamps visualize operational statuses or alert employees that their help is needed at a system. They indicate critical temperature conditions and set off alarms in case of faults. All these different visualization tasks can be solved with just one lamp thanks to the SLT060 Smart Light Tower. The key is the IO-Link interface.

At a glance
  • Different operating modes: Signal light, Level meter or Animation
  • Bright LEDs in 21 different colors
  • 20 independently configurable color segments
  • Optional: Buzzer module for acoustic alarms
  • Simple, graphical operation
  • Industry 4.0-capable thanks to IO-Link
  • Parameter changes during operation


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One signal lamp – countless application options

The applications in which signal lamps are used can vary greatly. Examples of applications can be found in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in other areas such as logistics facilities or building technology. Signal lamps make it easier to monitor operational statuses on machines, visualize cycle and clock times on conveyor belts, or provide information in the event of downtime or waiting time in the process sequence. They alert employees that they need to replenish material supplies or indicate the fill level of machinery without having to look inside the tank. But in the field of mobile automation as well, for example in automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems), signal lamps transmit information and instructions for action. The different colors and signal patterns, such as flashing, are used to make complex machine and operational statuses easily and unmistakably visible, even from a distance. The Smart Light Tower SLT can be adapted to any conceivable application as required via IO-Link, and this without the need for time-consuming fastening of different-colored modules. This reduces the variety of variants and storage of the various individual parts.

Solve different application tasks with only one signal lamp.

The SLT060 can also be used to visualize physical variables such as temperature states or fill levels.

The graphic user interface makes it exceptionally easy to configure.

Maximum flexibility with just one signal lamp, as the Smart Light Tower can be adapted to the respective application as required.

Advantage of IO-Link – the SLT060 is more than just red and green

Thanks to the IO-Link technology, the signal lamp can be customized. The parameterization of properties such as continuous light, flashing, different colors, brightness intensity or melodies can be done at any time from a control. Changes can even be made while the machine is in operation. Maximum flexibility is thus ensured without the need for mechanical conversion. The signal lamp is connected to the control level by attachment to an IO-Link master.

Uniform wiring concept with unshielded standard cables saves time and money during installation.

Quick device replacement if the lamp fails or is defective. All configuration data is stored in the IO-Link master and is automatically transferred to the new signal lamp when the device is replaced.

Industry 4.0-capable thanks to IO-Link

There are many advantages of an IO-Link system including standardized and reduced wiring, increased data availability, simple device replacement, and advanced diagnostic options.

Smart Light Buzzer – the module for acoustic alarms

The signal lamp can be supplemented with a Smart Light Buzzer (SLB) acoustic buzzer module. Various melodies and a volume of 88 dB reinforce the optical signal effect and ensure that the alarm signal is noticed, even in noisy environments. If requirements change, the Smart Light Buzzer SLB can also be retrofitted at any time.

Retrofitting of the SLB module possible without special mounting tool.

Even if the SLB module is attached, the signal lamp complies with enclosure rating IP65.

The Smart Light Buzzer SLB amplifies the optical alarm signal with sound so that no alarm goes unnoticed.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Enclosure ratingIP65
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