Direct tag-based object localization in open space

The ability to determine absolute locations is particularly useful for tracing large and high-value assets in open areas, for example production equipment in the form of tools, transport equipment or pallets. Localization is performed using a UWB tag applied to the asset. Antennas receive the signals from the tags and transmit the time stamps to a localization platform. The Asset Analytics software evaluates the corresponding data and can, for example, generate a map which shows the current position of objects in the open space. This makes it possible to find objects right away. In addition, the position and movement data of the monitored objects can be evaluated, creating heat maps or movement profiles.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Scalable localization system for recording position and status data of assets
    • Tracking functionality
    • Indirect object localization via data fusion
    • Geo-fencing: Automated triggering of defined follow-up processes as soon as assets reach or leave certain geozones
    • Event management