Tip compensation

Tip compensation involves the automatic detection and measurement of the dispensing tip position on all three coordinate axes: X, Y and Z. For this purpose, a mechanical touch point is set to measure the length of the tip. The positional deviation in the X and Y directions is determined using one WFL precision laser fork photoelectric sensor for each axis, and the corresponding offset is automatically compensated in the system. This results in increased process reliability and decreased downtime following a changeover involving materials or tips.

  • Following product families can be used
    The perfect sensor for the detection of very small parts and precise positioning
    • Very precise Class 1 laser
    • Simple and precise setting of the switching threshold via IO-Link, teach-in button, or plus/minus buttons
    • Fast response time: 100 μs
    • PNP and NPN switching output
    • Light/dark switching function
    • Stable aluminum housing with IP 65 enclosure rating
    • Smart sensor with integrated IO-Link interface