Automated set-up control of soldering paste printers in SMD automated placement machines

Various components, such as the print template, the scraper or the soldering paste, are converted in the soldering paste printer in the SMD automated placement lines in accordance with the circuit boards to be printed. These components equipped with RFID tags can be automatically detected with an RFID read/write device without the operator having to intervene, and can then be compared with the process recipe.

This saves time for set-up changeovers and it also used for quality assurance purposes, since the printing process can only be started with the right components. Thanks to its compact size, the RFU61x can be integrated optimally into these type of machines and reliably detects all tags with a scanning range of up to 500 mm.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Extremely compact design
    • Reading range up to 0.5 m
    • Connection option for trigger sensors
    • Linkage option to superior control systems or directly to the cloud
    • Antenna and data processing integrated in the sensor
    • Configuration via SOPAS ET or integrated web server
    • Can be used with SICK AppSpace
    • Rugged design in accordance with IP67

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