Adhesive bead inspection in small parts assembly

A precise application of the adhesive as an adhesive bead is essential for the quality of the end product, e.g., with regard to leak tightness. The InspectorP61x 2D vision sensor inspects the adhesive bead thereby allowing a quality control of the workpieces. Thanks to its compact design, the sensor can also be installed directly on the dispenser. The integrated image processing tools make commissioning very easy. They can also be extended by SICK AppSpace if required.

  • Following product families can be used
    Powerful 2D vision sensor for tight spaces
    • Minuscule size
    • Integrated high-quality illumination with adjustable color and shape
    • Easy inspection of small- and medium-sized objects
    • Snap-in mounting done in seconds
    • Integrated machine vision tools with Quality Inspection toolset of SICK Nova
    • Optional programming with SICK AppSpace or HALCON
    2D machine vision solution powered by deep learning
    • Inspection by deep learning technology
    • Anomaly detection tool and classification tool
    • Runs on supported SICK vision sensors
    • On-device or dStudio-based labeling, training and evaluation
    • Web user interface
    • Traditional rule-based machine vision software tools included
    • SICK Nova Tools plug-in support